Our Expertise (we call it TRI-xpertise)

TRI: Testimonial, Resume, Intro

Inkster Video was founded on one principle: the video production shouldn’t be so darn expensive. We’re not talking about cinematic production here. We’re talking about the short, punchy, relevant videos that an average Joe needs in today’s economy. With the fierce competition in virtually every facet of the economy, everyone needs to be unique. And what better way than a brilliant, unique, punchy, neat, and well-produced and edited Video?

But they’re generally too expensive to produce, and you opt in for a DIY! But here’s a sneaky bit – the wrong video can truly make you look like a laughing stock!

So the team at Inkster Video sat down to build a model that works. And we did. Our 5-step process and our focus on a niche community of Philadelphia region help us do exactly that.

Inkster Video has specific expertise in these three areas of video production – and we call it TRI-Xpertise: Testimonial Videos, Resume Videos, and Intro Videos.


1. Testimonial Videos

Testimonial Videos are quickly becoming a very crucial aspect of any business’s marketing plan – especially to those businesses who understand and actively work on holistic marketing. The testimonial videos convey a personal and spoken message – and as we’re getting accustomed to hearing the seller talk a bunch about how great they are, testimonials really bring out the customers’ perspective. As the viewers/prospects looks at and listens to the past customer speak about the product or business, they can make their own judgment on how truthful the video testimonial is. A written testimonial is one thing, and it can be written by anybody. However, a video testimonial has a real face behind the message. While there are fake video testimonials around in the mighty Internet, a person with a good judgment can spot one.

Testimonial Videos are a great way to build your credibility and showcase your potential customers that you’re reliable and trustworthy, and also an expert in your field.

They can help you,

  • build amazing brand awareness,
  • educate customers
  • encourage engagement
  • improve and elevate your position in the industry
  • enhance your exposure
  • establish a strong following
  • gather the type of loyalty you deserve!


2. Resume Videos

Resume Videos and their increasing popularity are bringing in a lot of attention to the flock of candidates who are struggling with the job search. Video resumes, however, open up a whole new avenue to get there faster. Video resumes allow the hiring managers and employer to get a glimpse of a candidate without even meeting them in person. From getting an idea of how a candidate carries themselves, to seeing their manners and demeanor – employers can now assess the candidates much better (and fairly) through video resumes.

Resume Videos, if done right, can be very effective because:

  • They are unique. Having one video in a pile of paper resumes will certainly shift the attention towards it. The curiosity will be piqued and as a first step, it will certainly help in getting that attention.
  • They are visible. All the personality, talents, skills, qualifications, experiences that would otherwise be lost within a pile of words and texts, are suddenly evident immediately with video resumes. A well done video resume, will feature you, speaking directly and confidently at the camera – outlining everything that need to be conveyed.
  • They give you control. It’s almost like landing the first interview without actually being there, but with better control. In reality, however creatively (or not) a person produces a resume video, they are all about answering all the typical interview questions. The added perk is that, it is controlled. Meaning, you can appear more confident and unruffled giving a better perception, and being able to re-shoot and edit the video.


3. Intro Videos

Ever noticed one of those welcome mats at the front of a business premise with a big fat logo on it? Yes – that’s what your Intro videos are in the digital footprint. It gives viewers an idea of generally what to expect, and entices them to move forth. A really well produced videos can get the audiences a right frame of mind so they’ll give all their attention span to the video’s content and absorb the message as intended. If produced well with all the right content and elements, then the Intro videos can be a great conversion tool. They can help a ton with product education, enticement, and create clear expectations. However, if done poorly, then like anything else, they can turn customers away in a split second.

A few ways that Intro Videos can help are,

  • Give your audience a clear idea of what the video’s about with its content, its style, its tone,
  • Tell your audience why its relevant to them specifically,
  • Build credibility with production quality, presenter’s professionalism, and especially by making sure its engaging and relevant, and not a time-waster,
  • Help educate the prospects about the products and/or services you offer,
  • Make complex products easy to understand through digestible bite-size pieces of sub-content in the video,
  • And more..


Our 5-Step Process

The Internet is inundated with samples and examples that are embarrassingly pathetic; while there are also some stellar projects! You want to produce the stellar one! We get it. There’s one dilemma, though.

Homemade videos are sketchy and raw, whereas professionally produced videos are often exorbitantly pricey.  So now you’re completely dismissing the idea of video resumes, and unwillingly about to settle on the traditional CV alone.

Well, you don’t have to, because Inkster Videos’ resume videos are not only professionally produced and crafted, but they’re also designed to make your wallet happy!

How we do it?

Our model is simple.

Your aspirations: You focus on your message.

Our production expertise: We shoot, produce & edit. 

You do what you do best & we take care of the rest!

This not only helps us keep the cost down for you, but also saves on a plenty of time and energy in back-and-forth.

Our Unique Selling Proposition lies in our ability to keep the cost down without jeopardizing on the quality of the video.

We have small scale meeting rooms, full-service conference room, whiteboards, executive settings, and more.

Our professional backdrop allows you to say your message with confidence!

What a win-win!