Why You Should Be Using A Video Resume

The struggle is real, life is plagued by impending doom, and the job market will chew you up and spit out your bones. Oh, and most of us have or will have student loans and other kinds of… Read More

Product Video – Darling of the Digital Marketing world Video Marketing. What else?


So what’s the darling of the digital marketing world? Product Video, of course! How do we know? A recent study done by Hubspot says: 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the… Read More

EXPLAINER VIDEO – THE KEY TO STARTUP SUCCESS! ..and the success of any business, really!

Explainer Video

OK – you have clicked to get a checklist for an Explainer Video – and this possibly means that you’re keen to get one. However, it’s important for you to fully comprehend what an explainer video is and… Read More

Product Explainer Videos – Your Success Booster Hire the Right Professional Producer for the job!

Product Explainer Videos

There are plenty of people who can attribute a good chunk of their success to effective product explainer videos. Whether you’re explaining a brand or a product, the ability to put the message across in a most authentic,… Read More

Is Customer Testimonial Video a good idea? We say absolutely!

is customer testimonial video a good idea?

If you ask any marketer if a Customer Testimonial Video is a good idea, they’ll tell you ‘Absolutely’! If you find anyone who voices against it, turn the other direction and run! The world has been making herculean… Read More



Inkster Video has expertise in production of short videos for our clients across three facets –Testimonial Videos, Resume Videos, and Intro Videos. We call it TRI-xpertise. Testimonial Videos Testimonial Videos are quickly becoming a very crucial aspect of… Read More

Hot Tips for creating Video Resume What to do and not to do

video resume hot tips

We have a highly competitive job market in the United States today. And more fierce the competition is, more chances there are for your paper CV to be put in the apparent ‘Archives’ basket. This archives basket is… Read More

Are Video Resumes a ‘thing’ now? and are they in your reach?

Video Resumes a thing?

OK, let me get this one straight. When it comes to new inventions, most of us don’t know what we want until someone puts it up in front of us. While Video Resumes can’t exactly be called an… Read More

Failing to Compelling to Selling – How Intro Videos can help Attorneys, look this way!

Intro Videos

Are you an attorney? You should get your specialized, professionally produced and edited, high definition Attorney Intro Videos ! Here’s why. Attorneys used to be attorneys. Solo title. Pretty straight-forward. Now they’re Jack-of-all-trades. Technology is disrupting pretty much… Read More

Lawyer-turned-Entrepreneur Aren’t times changing?

Lawyer-Turned-Entrepreneur? Yes, the legal industry is shifting gears. For all that’s worth, it’s so easy to imagine that your law degree would guarantee a spot in the legal dome, either in a form of a full-time job in… Read More