Thank You for Choosing Inkster Video

In today’s world of online digital marketing, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the latest trends.  But there is one thing that is certain…   if you aren’t using video to reach your audience, then… Read More

The Daily Success Routine

Jamila Payne, creator of the Daily Success Method™, helps busy professionals conquer their goals and effectively manage the day. No two people are the same so the Accountability Kit is our self-study option. Its for multi-passionate people that… Read More


ANIMATED INTRO- Snapchat Meetup Group

This is a video we did for a Snap Chat meetup group. A simple 2D animation for the group to use as an intro for their videos. If you’d like a quote for a video like this, please… Read More

INTRO VIDEO-World of Animals For World of Animals

This is an Intro Video example for World of Animals Bethayres that we did recently. Intro Videos are a great way to explain to your audience the gist of what you do and do it quickly, concisely, and clearly…. Read More

INTRO VIDEO-Law Office Law Offices of Greg Proshmushkin - 1

This is a video for the Law Offices of Greg Proshmushkin. Philadelphia law firm branding videos are a great way to explain to your audience the gist of what you do, and do it quickly, concisely, and clearly. It… Read More