INTRO VIDEO-Law Office Law Offices of Greg Proshmushkin - 1

This is a video for the Law Offices of Greg Proshmushkin.

Philadelphia law firm branding videos are a great way to explain to your audience the gist of what you do, and do it quickly, concisely, and clearly. It can turbocharge your value proposition in a powerful way that a dump of ‘texts’ cannot. It will take away the perplexity of confusing words and replace it with the visual.

Greg Proshmushkin, one of the most respected lawyers in Philadelphia hired us to produce this a branding video for his offices. He is well known among lawyers in Philadelphia but this video was designed to open his business to the people of this city. When doing effective Philadelphia law firm branding you have to start with the needs of the consumers. We tried to show them the ‘Greg Proshmushkin’ that they can expect in their first meeting.

Branded Video For Law Offices

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